Decorated & Layer cake

Puratos ingredients to create Decorated & Layer cake


Our range of high-quality glazes, Miroir makes bavarois and mousses both shiny and attractive.

Harmony Subl

Harmony is our range of high-quality glazes for traditional patisserie-the perfect shiny finish for fruit pies, cakes and puff pastries.


Belcolade Cryst-o-fil is a soft real chocolate preparation with great taste and stability

Carat White

Carat offers a range of great-tasting compound chocolates as well as a variety of delicious fillings based on cocoa and nuts

Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace

With Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace, we’ve created one of the finest chocolates available on the market today.

Coldfil Lemon

Coldfil is a special product of baked goods, no need to process, easy to operate.